Newest Products

1. Polychem 7718-E-75 is a premium short oil coconut alkyd in EtOH and nBa for acid catalyzed wood conversion varnishes. It may also be cross-linked with amino resins.

2. Polychem 7519-B-70 is a high solids premium styrene / acrylic modified alkyd designed for air dry, force dry, or bakes finishes providing a good degree of flexibility and good durability / color retention. This product is low-HAP and can be formulated into HAP-free coatings (below 1% HAP).

3. Aquyd 8007 is a VOC free alkyd dispersion for use in high gloss wood and trim enamels and semi transparent exterior stains. Formulators can meet the most stringent regulations with this unique VOC resin based on renewable raw materials.

4. AQuyd 8201 is a VOC free medium oil alkyd emulsion for high gloss paints and semi transparent stains. AQuyd 8201 is a true alkyd emulsion that can be formulated into extremely low VOC paints and stains to meet any current and future regulation.

5. Polychem 7610-OX-50 is an 100% compliant short oil coconut alkyd in OXSOL solvent for light colored furniture and baking enamels.

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