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Long Oil Alkyds


Resin % NVM Solvent #/GAL
NV Acid
Num Max
Oil Modifier Applications
6502 99.5 8.35 10 10 W-Y B-D 70 LSO Latex house paint modifier, for chalk binding properties as well as exterior house paints to meet TT-P-102.
6831 99 8.4 10 5 Y-Z1 B-D 70 SBO Isophthalic alkyd, imparts good color retention and chalk binding to house paints.
6891 60 MS 7.7 12 6 Z4-Z6 J-L 45 SBO High gloss interior and exterior enamels. Exceptional durability.
7052 70 MS 8 12 8 Z4-Z6 E-H 50 TOFA Excellent non-yellowing trade sales.
7536 70 MS 8 10 7 Z-Z2 C-F 50 SBO TT-R-266, Type 1, Class A Alkyd.
7549 90 MS 8.2 12 7 Z1-Z3 H-K 65 SUN Modifying resin for VOC compliant enamels.
7559 75 MS 8.25 12 7 Z1-Z4 O-Q 60 TOFA Long oil alkyd for VOC compliant enamels (350 g/l).
7574 70 MS 8 8 7 V-W G-J 60 SBO Long oil alkyd with good balance of properties and lower viscosity profile.
7662 99 8.51 10 6 Z-Z2 C-F 70 SBO Similar to 6831, but with phthalic anhydride. Can be used to lower VOC’s.
7752 70 OX 9.27 10 7 Z2-Z4 R-V 55 LSO Wood Stain Vehichle.
G2504HV 60 MS-16 7.76 10 6 Y-Z1 I-M 50 SBO High quality architectural gloss and trim enamels.
G2507 70 OMS 8 14 8 Z3-Z5 G-K 50 SBO High quality architectural vehicle for low V.O.C. coatings.
G7589 99.5 8.35 10 9 Z2-Z4 SBO House paint vehicle. Isophthalic acid used.
G7790 60 MS-7 7.83 10 7 Z3-Z4 S-V 50 SBO Gloss and semi-gloss architectural enamels.
G7798 70 MS-16 8 10 7 Z3-Z5 D-F 50 LSO General purpose stain vehicle.
The information and specifications stated here are for the material currently offered, are subject to change without prior notice, and due to variations in user handling and application methods should not be relied upon without testing under user conditions. The supplier makes no warranty of any kind, express or implied, concerning this product or its use either singly or in combination with other substances. User assumes all risks incident to its use. User must communicate to employees and customers all warnings that relate to the potential exposure to this product. The user assures that workplace and disposal practices are in compliance with laws, regulations and ordinances. ALL WARRANTIES, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OR MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE EXPRESSLY EXCLUDED. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE SUPPLIER BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES
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